Newsletter 2 – October / November 2014

Emerald Corporate Connecting you to the world of business travel  October/November 2014 – Issue 2

WelcomeEmerald Corporate newsletter aims to give you an occasional snap shot of what is happening in the world of travel. It is brought to you by Emerald Corporate, part of the Emerald Global Group which has been arranging business and leisure travel for over 35 years.If you are planning a visit abroad whether it be for business or leisure, our team of account managers are ready to help source the most competitive and convenient flights/hotel accommodation for you.
Are TMC’s relevant?Do you want to save money and time on making travel arrangements? Well one answer especially if you are a SME is to rely on the services of a reliable Travel Management Company (TMC).The Internet has made it possible to source fares and hotel rates like never before. Most of us would consider ourselves experts in searching out deals and offers. The flip side to this is valuable executive time is invariably used to search out the best offers. Low-cost carriers are great for a simple European point to point but what happens when you travel further afield and your journey involves a number of stopovers?Support and advise are crucial to help navigate the minefield when it comes to business travel options. TMC’s provide that advise and help with a menu of options depending on your budget, dates and class of travel. They have access to all the leading airlines, hotel groups, car rental companies and special offers.

Despite the news the economy is recovering and consumer confidence is returning, companies still need to work harder looking at reducing costs across the board. Value for money, customer care and a highly personalised service are paramount and that could not be more relevant than when it comes to travel. TMC’s can provide that additional cutting edge which will allow you to save on both money and time.


Mobiles safe to use on aircraftThe European Aviation Safety Agency recently confirmed personal electronic devices including mobile phones do not have to be turned off during a flight as they do not pose a safety risk which means soon it could be possible to make and receive calls when inside an aircraft. Not so good news if you happen to sit next to someone who is a chatter box. Airlines may well have to start thinking of introducing quiet seats! mobile-news[1]


adp-news[1] APD hurting travellersAir Passenger Duty introduced in 1994 now raises some £1.9bn to the Government’s coffers each year however it still remains contentious and unpopular. This is born out by a recent survey of some 2000 UK travellers with a quarter questioned say they would be willing to fly from an airport outside of the UK if it meant avoiding or paying less APD. 40% of those surveyed also said they thought this tax was putting the UK economy at a disadvantage.


Airline newsSingapore Airlines still the bestSingapore Airlines regularly comes out top as the worlds best. It has recently been judged by Business Insider based on airline reviewer Skytrax and on-time performances from, as the top choice for Economy Class travel with the highest scores for service, cleanliness and in-flight entertainment. The top 3 were Singapore Airlines, All Nippon Airways and Qatar Airways.Finnair and recycled cooking oil

Finnair operated an Airbus A330 on 23 September from Helsinki to New York which was fuelled using oil recycled from restaurants. It is a step forward for Finnair who are looking to adopt a more environmentally sustainable biofuels. KLM were the first airline to operate a commercial flight using cooking oil on a flight from Amsterdam to Paris back in 2011.

Flying British Airways First Class at Club World fares

Have you ever wanted to fly First Class but either could not afford it or felt it a waste of money? Well a small number of British Airways older Boeing 747-400 aircraft are still in service and have their previous First cabin design. On certain routes these aircraft no longer offer First so the seats will be used as extra Club World seats during 2015.

Qatar Airways A380 introduced

Qatar Airways is the latest airline to introduce the A380, the largest passenger aircraft in the world. It will launch its inaugural A380 service on its London Heathrow to Doha route from 10 October 2014 with plans for a second service in December 2014.

The Gulf airline took delivery of its first A380’s on 17 September. The new aircraft has 517 seats offering a three class service over two decks consisting of First (8 seats), Business (48) and Economy Class (461)


tips-news[1]tips-news2[1] Top tips for today’s business travellerHere are a couple of tips to consider:How do you overcome jet lag? There is no magic formula but ensure you eat and sleep by the local time and if you arrive at your destination in the morning resist the temptation to go to bed instead get out and go for a walk.Ensure when placing your bags into cars or buses you are there to supervise, it is not wise to simply rely on the driver or hotel porter, mistakes do happen and then you end up with your bags lost.