Social Responsibility

Making a difference – Our commitment to social and environmental responsibilities

For our clients – We will help you travel more responsibly and help offset your carbon footprint.
Companies have a duty to try and reduce the environmental impact of travel, which generates a carbon footprint contributing to climate change. Carbon offsetting is a recognised way of taking responsibility for the remaining carbon emissions. With climate change moving up the corporate agenda and global emissions continuing to grow, companies, staff and investors are increasingly demanding that businesses act responsibly.

ClimateCare offset process- diagram1

The benefits for companies who adopt a Responsible Travel Scheme are as follows –
– Efficiency – By measuring your carbon footprint you can identify ways to make travel more efficient, protecting the climate and saving your business money.
– Environmental – Reducing carbon emissions, and offsetting what remains, is the only way to take full responsibility for your carbon footprint. It is cost effective and makes a real difference to the environment by reducing global emissions in a measurable and independent way.
– Reputational – doing the right thing will differentiate your company and add value to your brand and business, as well as protecting our environment

How it works
Creating a programme which delivers against your company’s corporate responsible policy is crucial. How does it work?
– Carbon emissions for each trip are calculated using a carbon calculator
– For every tonne of CO2 produced by travel, a carbon credit is purchased and retired, funding the removal of one tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere through carbon reduction projects.
– A certificate is then provided.

Partnership & Projects
emeraldTMC has teamed up with climate and development experts, ClimateCare to offer companies a carbon offset travel solution to help them reduce the impact of corporate travel. They are market leaders in this field and hold a Queen’s Award for their work in tackling climate change and poverty.

Your emissions will be offset through ClimateCare’s Mixed Portfolio – a selection of projects which help tackle poverty and improve health as well as reducing carbon emissions.

Calculating your footprint
The first step is to measure your Carbon footprint, Click here to calculate your businesses footprint on a particular flight.

Need help?
Companies of all sizes are turning to Travel Management Companies (TMC) for advice and support; emeraldTMC can help so let us know.

20th September 2018